In order to download the Digital Certificate, double click on the “Gold Lock” at the bottom right of the status bar in the Windows Internet Explorer Browser.  The Certificate Window will be displayed.  Select the Details Tab.


















On the Details tab, select the “Copy to File…” button at the lower right corner


You should now see the Welcome window for the Certificate Export Wizard for windows. Select the Next Button.


Select the File Format.  In this example, the default DER encoded binary X.509 is selected.  Click Next



Enter the file name to save the certificate under. In this example C:/downloadwsgwyucci.cer was used.  Click Next.



Select Finish Button






C. What to do next.


In order to establish a SSL connection via a web services client, usually one needs to load the certificate to the “Truststore” file configured for the client’s platform, in which the web service will be invoked.  Since, there are too many web services client platforms to mention in this guide, one will need to review the documentation associated with the web services client platform.  For example, to obtain information for a client platform like IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, one could perform a search on Google( for: “IBM Websphere Truststore How To” or examine the “Websphere Information Center Documentation”.



D. Renewing the Certificate


Digital Certificates have a specific expiration date and will need to be renewed.  In the example below, the General Tab identifies the Valid To and From dates for the Certificate.  Each Real-Time Trading Partner will receive an email 4 weeks before the certificate expires.  (Note: Email addresses should be supplied by the EDI Trading Partner upon applying for Real-Time access.)  The email will include the date the new certificate will be available for download and the date the new certificate will be activated.   Repeat the above steps to incorporate the renewed certificate in your application.